Kerkini lake

For the nature lovers…


The Kerkini wetlands are the major point of interest in the region. A birdwatcher’s or a photographer’s paradise! The Kerkini lake is an artificial lake where more than 300 species of birds find refuge.


Pelicans, cormorants, lesser white-fronted gooses, flamingos and cranes are just few of the famous birds that one may find at the Kerkini lake. It’s one of those times that man’s creations harmonise perfectly with the nature.


Only one thing may take your gaze from the pelicans. That’s the sound of the water buffalos that live in the area for more than 2,500 years and wander around the lake. It was when King Xexres was passing from the area of Strymonas river, to conquer Greece, that we have the first mentions of the water buffalos of Kerkini. You may spot the numerous carefree buffalos herding around the lake.

Of course, this paradise on earth is only a few kilometres away from Hotel Epavlis! Just ask one of our staff members!

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