Kerkini National Park

Kerkini National Park [email protected] 19 December 2018 Activities

Boat trip with the traditional “plaves”, birdwatching and numerous pathways at the lakeside. Kerkini lake is a paradise on earth, that changes everyday.

It is referred to as an artificial lake, build at 1932. Nontheless, a part of Kerkini existed since the ancient times. The lions and the giraffes were using the rich forests of the area to hide. It is also said that the lions attacked at the camels of king Xerxes, whilst the latter was passing from the Strymonas valley with his army during the Greco – Persian wars.

Should you wish to plan a visit to Kerkini lake, you do not need to be afraid, since there are no lions nor bears today. Kerkini offers unique experiences and images, suitable for everyone! Its size depends on the quantity of water brought by the river, which if you follow, you will find Amphipoli city. The Kerkini area is surrounded by the mountains Belles, Mavrovouni, Kroussia and Agkistro. From the Greco – Bulgarian borders to Kilkis, all the area consists the National Park of Kerkini.

The lake itself is alive. The flora and the fauna of the valley follow the four seasons, reminding us that nature is the biggest and most extraordinary miracle of our world. One of the most ancient pathways of bird migration is passing through our area.

The greatest numbers of cormorants, wrybills and two important species of little terns are being reproduced in Kerkini. This is well-known among experienced birdwatchers and photographers. Kerkini lake is the most significant European wintering resort for the Dalmatian Pelicans and the pygmy cormorants. Both of the are endangered species and they find a home at Kerkini. Among the 300 difference species of birds of the lake, you will be charmed by the pink flamingos and the herons.

The lake transforms everyday. It changes. Not only due to the water quantity. During the last years, there are new species of birds that found their new resort at Kerkini. The golden eagle, the lesser white-fronted goose, the saker falcon, the peregrine falcon and the greater flamingo are just few of the new habitats of the National Park of Kerkini.

However, you may find numerous mammals living along with the birds! You will be extremely lucky if you meet the otter. One of the rarest aquatic carnivorous mammals of the area. Wildcats, martens, least weasels are among the long catalogs of the locals living at the surrounding areas of Kerkini. If you take a walk after the sunset, you will definitely meet several foxes! Lastly, the wolfs are passing their most of the time at the mountains. However, there might be a time when they visit the lake.

Finally, Kerkini is the home of the biggest family of water buffalo in Greece. The numbers of those animals had been high as 75,000, since they were being used for agricultural activities, due to their physical strength. However, with the arrival of the newer technologies and the dutch cow, their numbers reduced to only 600 at 1992. By the end of the 90’s, the water buffalos joined a salvation programme for endangered species. Now, you may find more than 2,000 animals wondering around the Kerkini valley, in order to enjoy its tranquility.

Kerkini lake is a paradise on earth. Should you decide to visit, it offers a vast number of activities to choose from, such as birdwatching, photography, trekking, archery, rafting and horse riding. Experience life at Kerkini.