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Forts, caves and remote monasteries, unique locations that will charm you! There are numerous sites to chose! Hotel Epavlis provides you with all the necessary information to visit astonishing locations!

A few kilometres above the villages of Poroia there is the heroic fortification P8 (Π8). A beautiful pathway through the forest that satisfies even the most demanding guests! Plane trees, chestnuts, firs and oak trees, gorges and streams create a magnificent route to the top of the mountain. Before you reach the fortification at the top of Omorfoplagia, you will pass from the plateau Mavi Gkiol, or Purple water as it is translated from the Turkish. There is a stream and a remote shelter. The area is ideal to stay for the night and maximise your experience! Another historical trail is towards fort Istimpei, above the village of Neo Petritsi. There are plentiful historical artefacts and stories.

The legendary fort Roupel is located near the Greek – Bulgarian borders, at the top of the Roupel gorge. It was built in 1914 and became part of the Metaxas line before the second World War. The Greek soldiers resisted heroically for three days against the German and Bulgarian attack in April 1941 and delayed the advance of the enemy. Today, the fort’s galleries are open to visitors, as well as a museum, the observatory and the memorial to the fallen soldiers. You will be able to feel the moments of the battle that started on the 6th April 1941.

The Byzantine monasteries of Timios Prodromos at Acritochori and Agios Georgios at Monastiraki are highly recommended to visit. The monks offer generously their hospitality and they talk to you about the history of the area, their way of life and guide you with their wisdom, whilst you may also follow them to one of their services.

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