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Explore the secrets of the lake!

If the environment of Kerkini lake astonishes you, then you have to try one of the various activities that are available at the area. Discover the secrets of the lake while trekking or biking around the lake. Try your abilities at horse riding or archery and take an easy going boat trip on the lake!

For those who wish to live an extreme experience, kayaking on the fast-flowing river of Strymonas is an excellent choice.

Σε απόσταση αναπνοής από το δωμάτιό σας, στο παραδοσιακό χωριό των Άνω Πορόιων μπορείτε να ξεκινήσετε μία από τις διαδρομές που θα σας οδηγήσουν στις κορυφές της οροσειράς Μπέλλες.

At the village of Ano Poroia, you may walk among the local woodlands, through one of the many trails that lead you to the top of mount Belles.

Alternatively, you have the option to ride one of the local horses into the forest. Lastly, above the village of Ano Poroia, there is a historical trail leading to the heroic fortification “P8” (Π8). It is a historical location of the WWII, where sergeant Demetrios Itsios fought against the German invasion of April 1940. Discover its history and revive the heroic moments of the past.

Travelling towards the east, you will meet the village of Agkistro, with the Byzantine Steam Baths. Before you get lost into the midst of the baths, we propose you to test your hardiness with mountain bike or flying fox activities. Alternatively, you can travel through time with unique pathways that will get you to the historic forts and trenches of the Metaxas line. You will explore deserted forts that resisted during the second World War.


We have various skilled partners that will guide you with their numerous stories and myths throughout the area of Kerkini, Sidirokastro and Agkistro. You may contact our staff to organise your excursions!

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