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Buffalo sausages and kavourmas, traditional pies and tsipouro or the local wine are only few of the delights that you will taste during your stay!

Kerkini lake is the home to the biggest buffalo family living in wetlands. Once, 75,000 animals existed at the Strymonas region, mostly used for farming. Unfortunately, with the installation of the modern technologies and the coming of the Dutch cows, the buffalo population decreased. Later, the water buffalos have been added in a protection programme as one of the endangered species. Now, you may find more than 2,000 water buffalos wandering around the area of Kerkini

You may visit the local buffalo farms and learn about the value of the animals’ meat, the secret recipes of the locals and the stories of the family businesses. Apart from the famous birds and the water buffalos, the Kerkini lake is home to a variety of river fishes. Visit the local trout farms and taverns or join the traditional fishermen at the coast to learn their secrets. Carps, eels and butterfly fishes may be spotted in the lake.

The topography and the climate of the Kerkini lake and the region of Serres have favoured the cultivation of grapes and the thrive of local wine varieties.

Meet the producers and let them charm you with their stories while tasting their fruity products.

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