Kerkini Lake

The Kerkini wetlands are the major point of interest in the region. A birdwatcher’s or a photographer’s paradise! The Kerkini lake is an artificial lake where more than 300 species of birds find refuge! Pelicans, cormorants, lesser white-fronted gooses, flamingos and cranes are just few of the famous birds that one may find at the Kerkini lake!

Nature, excursions and activities

If the environment of Kerkini lake astonishes you, then you have to try one of the various activities that are available at the area. Discover the secrets of the lake while trekking or biking around the lake. Try your abilities at horse riding or archery and take an easy going boat trip on the lake!

Gastronomy and Wine

Buffalo sausages and kavourmas, traditional pies and tsipouro or the local wine are only few of the delights that you will taste during your stay!


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